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Diving deep into ngRepeat directive in AngularJS

If you are creating any web based application using AngularJS, and there are chances that you have to show repeated data based on what you are getting from API’s. For this ng-repeat is very important and useful directive for repeating UI elements. So in this will see how we can use ng-repeat along with it’s […]

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Weather app with Node webkit and AngularJS : part 2

In this tutorial will create weather app that shows information like place name, Temprature, weather info (i.e: cloudy, rainy etc.) and GEO location co-ordination. In the previous tutorial, we covered Prerequisites Computer setup (like installing NodeJS) Getting Started Created sample app in this tutorial will covered following things, Create weather app using Angularjs and integrate […]

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Ajax requests with Angularjs

In many applications client is required to make requests to remote http servers to fetch data, or as we say make ajax requests, AngularJs provides $http service for making ajax requests to remote servers. In this tutorial we just want to demonstrate a simple get and post request in angular js using the $http service. […]

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Live search using custom filter in Angular Js

In this tutorial we will implement search with angular js.We will be creating a custom filter to achieve this and not the default search provided by angular. DEMO¬† DOWNLOAD So, let’s start with folder structure. Here above you can see folder structure with css , js & Json file. in which data.json contains temporary json […]