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Ajax requests with Angularjs

In many applications client is required to make requests to remote http servers to fetch data, or as we say make ajax requests, AngularJs provides $http service for making ajax requests to remote servers. In this tutorial we just want to demonstrate a simple get and post request in angular js using the $http service. […]

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Custom Queries in WordPress Tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn to write custom MySql queries to fetch blog data. Custom quiries might be required for a number of reasons for eg. if you are writing a word-press plugin which requires data to be fetched in a certain way or if you are creating JSON REST API to be consumed […]

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CSS3 Introduction

CSS3 is a latest version of css. and it’s compatible with all earlier versions. CSS3 comes with new features.   CSS3 Modules CSS3 Introduction  CSS3 Borders                       :    Read Full Article CSS3 Backgrounds             :    Read Full Atricle CSS3 Gradients […]

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CSS3 User Interface

In CSS3 we have new user interface features like Resizing element, Box sizing and outlining. List Of User Interface Properties resize box-sizing outline-offset   CSS3 Resizing With resizing in CSS3 we can easily resize the element. CSS div {     resize: both;     overflow: auto; }   CSS3 Box Sizing With box-sizing property […]